Sunday, January 15, 2017

Fifth Grade Snazzy Snowflakes

I am soooo in love with these snowflakes created by Georgetown’s 5th grade artists.  This began as a quick project to fill in between some longer projects that we were finishing up.  Little did I know how beautiful they would all turn out. Every single one is amazing!
It all began with these giant stencils...what to do with them?

Add markers – and a whole lot of 5th grade creativity – and WOW.

Our 5th grade boys are cool dudes…but not too cool to create some amazing snowflakes.

Did I already say how much I love these snowflakes?  I do.  I really do!  Nice job, 5th graders – you are incredible artists!

See more of Georgetown's snazzy snowflakes at our ARTSONIA on line art gallery HERE.
Project Goals: 
I can identify color schemes (warm/cool, complementary, rainbow, analogous)   
I can use mindful marker techniques to create a unique snowflake design  

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