Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Kindergarten Texture Spiders

Kindergarteners know lots of cool things about spiders!  We talked about spiders that jump, what spiders eat for lunch (flies, of course), and counted how many legs a spider has.  We read Eric Carle’s “The Very Busy Spider” and made some awesome fuzzy spiders.
Kindergarten artists learned about the art element of texture as they created their spooky spiders.  After they were given their fabric spider bodies, Kinders used their weekly vocabulary word describe to tell each other the texture they could feel on their spider bodies.  They were excited to think up new “feels like” words including fuzzy, soft, furry, squishy, and even the scratchy texture on the underside of their fabric.
Kinders followed many directions to cut spider eyes and fangs, and loved folding and rolling paper to make fancy spider legs.  They made sure they were not “glue monsters” as they glued their spider parts using “just a dot, not a lot”.

I CAN: describe texture, use scissors correctly, use careful glueing skills
Special thanks to Tina for the fabulously furry spider idea!
See more Kindergarten Texture Spiders on our ARTSONIA website!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Festival of the Arts: Festival Youth Art Show

Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts
June 3-5, 2016

If you are looking for some family fun, check out the Grand Rapids Festival of the arts! While you are enjoying the festivities, be sure to explore the Grand Rapids Art Museum's “Festival Youth Art Show.”  Hudsonville Public Schools has artwork by students in grades K-12 in the show.  After stopping to see the youth art, you can enjoy the arts on the streets of Grand Rapids. Please visit for more information about the art, music, events and food! 

Hours for youth art at the GRAM during the festival:
Friday, June 3, 12-7pm
Saturday, June 4, 12-7pm
Sunday, June 5, 12-3pm

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The last project of Trimester 2 for 6th grade classes was to use the art skills learned up to this point to draw a self-portrait.  Using a photograph, students worked hard to get their lines and forms to accurately draw themselves, and used color and value to add dimension.

Now check these final pieces out... Can you guess who?

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


The Annual HPS District Art Show is just around the corner - don't miss it!

Here's a peek at our 2015 District Art Show - 
hope to see you all again this year!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Zentangle Non-Objective Project- High School Art 1

To introduce Art 1 students to the art elements of line and shape, along with the terms of geometric and organic, they create their first major project by drawing a non-objective zentangle piece. This project is also focused on creating a composition that is balanced, shows contrast, and has a specific emphasis. Non-Objective is defined as the depiction of no recognizable or identifiable objects; however, the final product may be based on real object. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Jamestown First Graders create Monet's Garden with Clay Frogs!

First grade artists have been studying the art and life of Claude Monet! They learned about how he was an impressionist and so his artwork was not clear like a photograph but instead is full of blobs, smears and brushstrokes! We learned about how much Monet loved to paint outside, especially in his garden. 

We read a book about a frog named Phillipe who found safety in Monet's garden and really enjoyed the beauty there.

We painted with blurry blobs like Monet when we painted water on these cardboard pizza rounds!

We learned more about Monet's work by watching the Getting to Know the World's Famous artist video while we worked!

We then used different values of green construction paper to create the lily pads and tissue paper to create the 3D flowers! 

After this was complete, we compared and contrasted two of our art elements: shapes and forms. We enjoyed creating Phillipe the frog out of Model Magic clay!

The final product is being proudly displayed in our library!

Learning Goals:

I can identify the art of Claude Monet and the Impressionists
I can describe the differences between form and shape
I can manipulate clay and create a frog
I can demonstrate a variety of values in my paint and in my lily pads. 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Third Grade and The Rule of Thirds

Third grade artists learned a new "artist trick" to make their artwork more interesting and visually pleasing: the Rule of Thirds.  (Shhh...they also worked with fractions, but don't tell them!)

Students learned that the human eye naturally gravitates to certain intersection points when an image is divided into thirds.  Placing objects on these points creates a stronger and more visually interesting work of art.

They watched this neat little video to help them understand the concept:

They also looked at works of art and figured out how the artists used the Rule of Thirds in their work.
images-3 images imgres

Third graders were challenged to create a composition using the Rule of Thirds...and to sweeten the project, they drew Valentine candy.  It was tricky at first...but their completed compositions are - sweet, of course!

IMG_9626 IMG_9627 IMG_9628 IMG_9629 IMG_9630

I CAN: explain the Rule of Thirds to a friend; create a composition using the Rule of Thirds.