Thursday, February 15, 2018

High School Lighting Photography

One of the most important aspects of photography is understanding how to correctly use light within the composition to help get the best color, texture and to emphasis the subject. Throughout the trimester students get many opportunities to work with light, through back lighting (silhouette), side lighting, floor lighting, or actually having lights within their artwork. Highlighted below are several student examples. 

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Fifth Grade Flower Paintings

Georgetown 5th grade artists explored the art of American artist Georgia O’Keeffe.  Their large flower paintings in the style of O’Keeffe are beauties!
 They began by identifying the art elements that O’Keeffe used to create her large “Red Poppy” painting. We discussed organic shapes, texture, line, value, color, and of course…"filling space in a beautiful way" like O’keeffe.
O'Keeffe - Red Poppy

Their finished pieces are painted with tempera paints and black glue was used for line and detail.

Learning Targets: Identify art elements used in O’Keeffe’s work; retell two facts about O’Keeffe; create an art piece that fills the picture space.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Middle School: Value Studies

7th grade students have been studying how to use value in their art.  Each student chose an animal they'd like to draw/paint.  Using a grid system, they drew their animal.  Painting has started...stay tuned for final artworks....

Friday, October 13, 2017

High School: Art Hall Of Fame

This year we started a new Hudsonville High School Hall of Fame.  Each year we will be selected 3-4 artists to be professionally displayed outside the Freshman Campus Auditorium.  These are art students who exhibit leadership in the art classroom and unique command of skills and techniques with various materials and media over their four year tenure.  A piece of their art work will be permanently displayed along with their name and graduating year.  Below are some of the art pieces you can come see displayed at our Freshman Campus.  Who knows.... maybe you or your student will be our next hall of fame inductee.
Kiera Holst 2016
Josh Haynes 2017

Nicole Wetzel 2017

Hadley Stoub 2017
Brianna Geelhoed 2017

High School: Macro Photography

Before students jump into the world of photoshop and photography, I have my students take a day to go outside and explore their cameras. The fist setting that I introduce them to is the macro setting. Another word for macro is close-up. Students were required to take a variety of macro shots. They then used these photos to help them learn some of the basic skills in photoshop. Students had to work with adjusting the levels to work with contrast, changing a photo to black and white, cropping a photo, and also taking a photograph, selecting one area of it and making part of it color and the other part black and white. Here are a few examples of what the students were able to do this trimester.