Thursday, September 11, 2014

Georgetown Elementary: What's YOUR Name?

Georgetown Elementary's first art projects this year are all about NAMES!  Each grade level learned a different way to write their name – 1st and 2nd grades wrote in BUBBLE LETTERS, 3rd grade was challenged with BLOCK LETTERS, and grades 4 and 5 were excited to practice writing their name in CURSIVE.  Students then added the art elements of line, shape, and color to turn their names into a work of art.
IMG_3862 IMG_3869
Grades 1 & 2 bubble letter designs
 Grade 3 block letter designs
IMG_3867 IMG_3871
Grade 4 cursive writing designs
Grade 5 cursive writing designs
We also spent some time looking at how other artists use words and letters in their art pieces.  We looked at the words that Faith Ringgold includes around her Story Quilts.
Andy Warhol's "100 Cans" and Juan Miro's "Hirondelle/Amour" also brought some interesting discussions about the way artists use words in their art making.

"I Can" Goals
I can write my name in block, bubble, or cursive letters.
I can talk about different works of art.
I can use the art elements of line, shape, and color to create a work of art using my own name.

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