Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bauer Elementary: Second Grade Leaf Prints

Second grade students at Bauer Elementary learned about printmaking by viewing examples of print art, and discussing where we might see prints in everyday life. Some examples the students mentioned include footprints in sand, fingerprints on windows, and animal tracks along a trail. 

Next, they demonstrated this technique using realistic leaf stamps. Students carefully painted the stamps, turned them over, and “tip-toed” with their fingertips to ensure the print was evenly transferred!

Once the prints dried, we identified and discussed warm colors. Second graders used "warm" colored pencils, plus a touch of brown, to create a few colorful leaves adding a nice touch to their beautiful print art! 

To complete the project, each child took turns visiting their peers' tables and complimenting them on their artwork. Students were encouraged to use art vocabulary from the lesson. They did a fabulous job and enjoyed this very much! A few compliments I heard were, "I like how you used different warm colors on each leaf," and "This is my favorite leaf print on your paper." Way to go second graders!

Learning Targets:
I can create print art using stamps.
I can name warm colors and use them in my artwork.

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