Thursday, January 15, 2015

Bauer Elementary: Pre-Kindergarten Snowy Shape Houses

Pre-Kindergarten artists learned all about shapes during this cut and paste project. We named and identified basic geometric shapes including squares, rectangles, and triangles. Students practiced making a square by cutting a rectangle to make it shorter, and learned how to make two rectangles by cutting a square. They also practiced making a triangle by cutting a square from corner to corner. Students followed multi-step directions as they arranged their shapes for the house, and then added their own windows and doors and trees to complete their winter scene! Finally, the snowy prints were made by placing their project on painted bubble wrap and peeling it off to make a print! They did such a wonderful job!

Learning Goals:
I can identify and cut geometric shapes including squares, rectangles, and triangles
I can use scissors and glue appropriately
I can follow multi-step directions to arrange shapes
to make a paper house and trees

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