Thursday, May 21, 2015

High School Art 1- 1pt Mixed Media Collage


  • Students will create a work using 1pt perspective
  • Students will create a interesting composition
  • Students will work with collage
  • Students will focus on emphasis in their art piece.
  • Students will work with recycled materials.

After learning about 1pt and 2pt perspective, the high school Art 1 students were able to use their new skills to create abstract mixed media pieces. The students were to draw at least 7 shapes that all receded back to one vanishing point. Once drawn out, the students chose a color scheme, then they used tempera paint to color the sides of each shape. Each side had to be a different value of the colors that they were using.

They were then able to work on completing an interesting background, using pieces cut out or ripped from magazines. The two pieces were then combined to create an interesting composition.


  1. These are wonderful! Would love to borrow this idea in my art room...would you be willing to share the lesson steps? THANK YOU!!!

  2. i love this!i would like to do it, for personal use. can you share the steps?