Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Georgetown Elementary: Kindergarten Paul Klee

Kindergarten Paul Klee Cats

The Kindergarten artists at Georgetown Elementary have been busy learning about the Swiss painter, Paul Klee. Paul Klee’s paintings were very childlike with bright colors like the color he saw when he visited Africa.
 His famous painting entitled Cat and Bird was the inspiration for this project.
After following multi-step instructions for drawing their cat and bird, Kindergarteners chose bright watercolor paint and practiced their painting skills to add color to their cats. They finished their paintings by using a very small paintbrush to outline their lines with black paint. Awesome job Kindergarteners! You have really brightened our hallways at Georgetown.

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  1. Oh wow these Kindergarten Paul Klee Cats are way too beautiful. The kiddos did wonderful work. My daughter just joined Phoenix pre-k and I hope she will also do such creative work in her class!!