Friday, March 20, 2015

Georgetown Elementary: Painting Like Monet

Georgetown first grade artists explored the work of French Impressionist painter Claude Monet.
They listened to stories about Mr. Monet and looked at his photograph.

They practiced being "art critics" and discussed Monet's famous waterlily and sailboat paintings, and realized that Monet liked to paint scenes with water in them.  First graders also learned a big new word: IMPRESSIONISM! They were excited to be able to tell their friends that Monet invented this fancy new way to paint.  After lots of thinking, they decided that an Impressionist artist likes to show the way the sun shines on water, and he paints with lots of brush strokes to show shadows and sunlight.  

Monet's Paintings

Our young Impressionist artists created beautiful paintings of the water and sunlight, even capturing the sunlight shining in their trees with little dabs of yellow paint.  They loved making short brushstrokes, painting "Monet Style".  And of course their waterscapes needed a carefully crafted sailboat, including a splash of white oil pastel to show the sail's reflection in the water for the finishing touch!

First Grade Learning Goals:
I can tell two facts about Claude Monet
I can explain to a friend what Impressionism means
I can show sunlight reflecting on water and trees

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