Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bauer Elementary: Very Hungry Kindergarteners...I mean Caterpillars!

Kindergarten artists at Bauer Elementary had a blast with this lesson! This project concluded our Eric Carle artist study and was a big hit, especially because clay was involved! First, we read the classic book The Very Hungry Caterpillar, which the students read along with me. We then drew very large leaves - big enough to feed the hungry caterpillar, of course! Next, students used tempera cakes for painting the leaves. The following class period, students were each given a small amount of pre-colored green model magic clay (I mixed a batch of white clay with green tempera paint ahead of time). One of our learning goals was to create a sphere out of clay. The students had a lot of practice doing this during the lesson! They were given a few pom-poms at each table to use for measuring their spheres. Students lined up each sphere on wax paper and made a final red sphere for the head. The third and final day of this lesson involved cutting out their large leaves, hole punching where the caterpillar "munched," and gluing their caterpillars to their leaves! Small red pipe cleaners for antennae and sticky googly eyes (yes, they exist and are awesome!) added the final touch!

Learning Goals:

I can shape clay into a sphere
I can recognize art by Eric Carle
I can paint with care and use art tools appropriately

**Reminder: See you at the Art Show! Hudsonville City Hall - April 20-28!**

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